released August 2, 2016

We're back with part 4. Each track on side A was recorded in one take, and as you'll hear is a rollercoaster ride of mad electronics. In the artists words:
"We used loads of outboard gear - synths, octaver, delays, compressor w/ switchable overdrive, DI's, effects loop, mics, Octatracks, plus some modular bits and a sample sequencer"
Recorded in Mózg Bydgoszcz in January 2016
Side B features remixes by some Swamp Tapes stalwarts. Huge thanks to them for conjuring up such great remixes without stems.
Cat Number: ST004
Format: Cassette (55 copies) & Digital
Cover photo by Helen Burnip
Artwork by Angus Paterson
Compiled by PC
Mastering by Suade
Full Tracklisting:
Side A:
Piotr Cisak & Freeze - Intro
Piotr Cisak & Freeze - Atlantis
Piotr Cisak & Freeze - Sojuz
Piotr Cisak & Freeze - Envisat
Side B – Remixes:
Piotr Cisak & Freeze - Sojuz (R/no Remix)
Piotr Cisak & Freeze - Sojuz (Beyond 5:7 Remix)
Piotr Cisak & Freeze - Intro (Thawed by Shea)
Piotr Cisak & Freeze - .tR6y. Lost Souls Megamix



Piotr Cisak Gdańsk, Poland

He led the radio broadcasts from Radiofonia for a year (2011/12).
He also performed in Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Albania and at the Festival Audioriver, Ambient Park, Tauron Nowa Muzyka,Ambientalny.
In the TOP 100 best albums of 2015 in magazine Avant Music News
Performs music in USA, Canada, Portugal,Spain, France, UK, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Russia
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